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Is a sport of which enables you with sense of achievement and thrills to even beginners

Aquatic World water sports team will be doing their very best to make it easy for you to stand and enjoy, fun and safe is no question about it and the feel of thrills lasts long after returning to the shore


Banana ride is for those who like adventures, fun, fast and safe

People who choose Banana Boat ride are fun seekers with the family or/and friends

You don’t need to be able to swim, as you will be required to wear a life jacket by Aquatic World water sports team

Banana Boat ride is for everybody especially small children and their parents for a thrilling time.


Fun ring! Name says it all, an unforgettable experience with your family and friends, no need to master any techniques though it’s fun for everybody including kids, it swings as the boat turns gives you more and more adrenalin, unlikely to fall.


An activity where a single person, two or three can ride at the same time (depends on weight and wind conditions) towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute. A harness attaches to the parasail, connected to the boat, The boat then drives off, carrying you into the air, no training required, boat crew has the control over the parasailing, hand signals for communication, rise up see four countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) while up there where no sound but yours.


Relaxing time? Not really, Pedalo is an out door work out shared with your family and / or friends, an activity where you can burn some calories and enjoy the best view around you in nice (usually) calm sea, if you sweat a bit just jump into the beautiful clear waters of the gulf of Aqaba then back again to enjoy.


Not only you do your outdoors work out by paddling with the sticks but also it is Transparent boats!! New generation of boats that allows you to see through, we have been so lucky to have crystal clear waters rich with colorful shallow coral reefs with thousands of colorful fishes around that you will be right on top with your own transparent Boat (kayak)

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