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Being AQUATIC WORLD we have been blessed by having our own three different shore dive sites within our hotels borders they all have easy access and exit, they all start with nice shallow reefs and go down to 25m - 30m, they all offer variety of corals (pinnacles, table corals, soft corals, fire corals .... and a varitey of fish life (lion fishes, morays, eel garden, butterflies fish, groupers, parrot fishes and sometimes surprising visits to sting rays, dolphins and turtles ...., our sites are called (Taba hotel house reef, Black Corals and Canyons) we offer two  daily scheduled guided dives, first one is 09:30 am and second at 12:30 pm with a third dive to be scheduled locally with our counter, different times is available for groups.   


AQUATIC WORLD offers amazing daily boat guided dives with a selection of 9 different dive sites to choose from by the assistant of our counter or dive guides according to certification levels and weather conditions and number of days you are diving with us, Names of the dive sites from furthest to closest to our jetty location (Marsa Elmougabila, Zac's Tables, Angels net, Aquarium, Ras Amira, Maxwell's reef, Fjord and two different dive sites around Pharaoh's Island)
Including a hot lunch meal cooked on the boat for you, hot and cold soft drinks for all day,

feel free to take the non divers members of your family and friends to experience our beautiful snorkeling and sightseeing.     



AQUATIC WORLD offers shore dive safari on request based on group size (minimum 4 divers and additional non divers could join for snorkeling and intros) with your Aquatic World familiar and trusted guide you are able to visit your dreams dive sites in Dahab and Sharm Elsheikh.


  • 1 x guided shore dive (including tank & weights)

  • 2 x guided shore dive same day (including tank & weights)

  • 3 days 6 shore dives package (including tank & weights)

  • 1 day 2 boat dives (including tank & weights, lunch, hot & cold soft drinks)

  • 3 days 6 boat dives (including tank & weights, lunch, hot & cold soft drinks)

  • 2 days 4 boat dives, including tank & weights, lunch, hot & cold soft drinks) + 1 day 2 shore dives (including tank & weights)

  • 3rd boat dive ( must be pre-booked )


Haven't been  SCUBA diving for over six months or have no proof of your logbook or feeling  a bit rusty?! the refresh dive is what you need, an AQUATIC WORLD instructor will brief you and remind you of safety, emergency procedures and equipment use, first few minutes of the dive our instructor will demonstrate and evaluate your performance, then you will continue your dive guided by your instructor for the fun part of the dive to practice your buoyancy skills and enjoy a total time of 45 miutes under water or depends on your air consumption.   

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